• Austria presidential election has echoes of Trump-Clinton clash

    Polls show them neck-and-neck. In the case of the Brexit vote, even the bookmakers proved to be wrong in their predictions as they gave the Leave campaign 3.65 odds only days before the referendum. The Austrians call for closing the country's borders to refugees and a reduction in the number of job seekers from other European Union countries. "There is huge frustration", political analyst Thomas Hofer (no relation) told AFP .

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  • Pakistan will never leave Kashmiris: Nawaz Sharif

    Pakistan will never leave Kashmiris: Nawaz Sharif

    To many Pakistanis, Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric ─ he once proposed banning Muslims entering the United States ─ and business ties to India are signs that his administration could shift further toward New Delhi. It will be an honour and I will personally do it. On being invited to visit Pakistan by the prime minister, the USA president-elect said he would love to visit the "fantastic country of fantastic people".

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  • UP polls: PM to address BJP's 'Parivartan rally' in Moradabad today

    He claimed that RBI published data shows that amounts deposited in banks shot up by Rs 5.88 lakh crore in the month of September this year compared to the previous month. This is the last queue to end all those queues", he said to applause from the crowds. Will this corruption go away on its own? "I fail to understand why but no one can deter me from fighting the menace of corruption eating into the system and making life of ordinary citizen miserable".

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  • Dense fog in Haryana, Punjab: rail, road traffic hit

    Dense fog in Haryana, Punjab: rail, road traffic hit

    Almost nine global and four domestic flights from Delhi have also been delayed due to fog, while a Delhi-Lucknow flight has been cancelled too. However, some improvement could come with a change in wind direction, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

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  • Trump supporters try to block vote recount

    Yet she said amid claims of potential hacking of the system, the integrity of the voting operation should be tested. "Our goal is not to change the result of the election", Stein said in an opinion piece released on Thursday. They also argued that it threatened due process rights. "Well again, I find it interesting that his people would actually file something to halt this considering again Trump himself alluded to the fact he believes there was voter fraud", said State Rep.

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  • 1959 members of Iraqi forces killed in November

    The onset of rain and cold weather threatens a tough winter for more than a million people still in Islamic State-held areas of the city. For the last 45 days, the Iraqi army - backed by USA -led coalition warplanes and local allies on the ground - has been fighting to retake Mosul , which was once considered Iraq's second most populous city.

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  • Sarah Palin calls Trump's deal with Carrier 'crony capitalism'

    Sarah Palin calls Trump's deal with Carrier 'crony capitalism'

    Carrier will reportedly receive $ 7 million in financial incentives from in over the next ten years, a fraction of the estimated $ 65 million a year it would've saved by moving 1,100 jobs to Mexico. "I think it's pretty darn good that people are keeping their jobs in IN instead of going to Mexico", said House Speaker Republican Paul Ryan, emphasizing that the party is hoping to pass comprehensive tax changes that would be a boon to all businesses.

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  • Death toll from Australia's thunderstorm asthma reaches 8

    Death toll from Australia's thunderstorm asthma reaches 8

    Around a third of the patients who suffered asthma attacks on Monday reported never having had asthma before. Melbourne hospitals treated more than 8,500 patients on Monday night and Tuesday, according to the Victoria health department, as emergency services struggled to keep up.

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  • Lawsuits seek to block or halt Wisconsin, Michigan recounts

    Even if the recounts take place, they are extremely unlikely to change the overall outcome of the election, in which Mr Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton. "We won't stand down as Donald Trump and his allies seek to frivolously obstruct the legal processes set up to ensure the accuracy, security and fairness of our elections", she said in the release.

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  • Huawei Announces Android Nougat Update, Here Are The Smartphones Involved

    One of the most annoying problems Huawei Mate 9 had was that the Gmail notifications were shown as white text, making them impossible to read but luckily the new update has solved this problem. So, if you have another Huawei smartphone that isn't listed, you should wait for more details in the not so distant future. However, Huawei Mate 9 will not only have Android 7.0 Nougat but with Emotion UI ( EMUI ) 5.0 as well, technically Huawei Mate 9 will be the first Huawei smartphone that ...

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  • Pokemon Sun and Moon Best Catches in Alola Region

    Pokemon Sun and Moon Best Catches in Alola Region

    However, Kotaku reported that " Pokemon Sun and Moon " was not able to beat " Pokemon X and Y " in Japan sales, making it the second fastest-selling game title in the region. The success isn't limited exclusively to the Americas, either. While not as impressive as the US, Nintendo still manage to sell about 1.5 million units in the first week.

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  • Mayor of London Sadiq Khan issues air quality alerts across capital

    Mayor of London Sadiq Khan issues air quality alerts across capital

    King's College London says that pollution in the capital is so high because pollutants are not easily dispersed as a result of calm, settled and cold conditions. The announcements were made at the C40 Climate Change Summit in Mexico this week, attended by Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues, who hopes to form partnerships with other cities to accelerate action on cleaning up emissions.

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  • Clinton Campaign Begs For Volunteers To Help With Michigan Recount

    Clinton Campaign Begs For Volunteers To Help With Michigan Recount

    Could the recount change the outcome of the election? . "(The fundraised money) is all going into a dedicated recount fund that is not accessible to the campaign", she said. and 8 p.m. on December 12, as roughly 76,000 ballots in the county alone must be counted by a small group of 20-30 officials. "The people of MI and all Americans deserve a voting system we can trust", she said.

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  • Coca-Cola opens first bottling plant in Gaza

    Analysts had expected The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO) to post net income of about $0.48 per share on $10,513.10M in revenue. Agran Libbie accumulated 131,583 shares or 1.49% of the stock. (The Scale is from 1-5 where 1 means Strong Buy and 5 means Strong Sell). This means 45% are positive. The company rocked its 52-Week High of $47.13 on April 11, 2016 and touched its 52-Week Low of $40.35 on Nov 11, 2016.

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  • Donald Trump claims in tweet he won popular vote

    Donald Trump claims in tweet he won popular vote

    After President-elect Donald Trump alleged without evidence that there had been "serious voter fraud" in Virginia, his former campaign chairman for the state said Monday that he was not made aware of any fraud on a "mass scale". Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., Trump's nominee to be attorney general, whose tenure, if confirmed, comes amid a long-running battle over renewal of the Voting Rights Act.

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  • Donald Trump Supporters File Lawsuit to Stop Wisconsin Recount

    Failed Green Party candidate Jill Stein is behind the push for further counts. Even if the recounts happen, though, none would be expected to overturn the results in Democrat Hillary Clinton's favour. Stein requested the recount which began on Thursday and had to be done by December 13. Before the board met on Friday morning, state Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit to block the recount , claiming that Stein's petition is in violation of MI laws "that protect the ...

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  • Parents disarm son who brought guns to Utah school

    Parents disarm son who brought guns to Utah school

    After the student and teacher stalled him, Ross said his parents arrived just in time to get the guns away. Bountiful police gave large credit to the boy's parents Thursday for being engaged in their son's life and noticing something wasn't quite right Thursday morning, and for realizing that their guns, normally locked in a safe, were missing.

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  • Los Angeles Clippers at Cleveland Cavaliers

    Los Angeles Clippers at Cleveland Cavaliers

    Cleveland (13-3) also lost by 17 points to the Bucks on Tuesday and will be hoping to bounce back against a team that could very well feature in the National Basketball Association finals. Hopefully the Pelicans put up a better fight on Friday and keep Paul on the court for more minutes than the Cavs did. After a phenomenal start to the season, after winning the Championship last season, the Cavaliers seemed to relax and stop giving full effort.

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  • Rape used for ethnic cleansing in South Sudan, says UN team

    South Sudan also urgently needed a court to prosecute human rights abuses, the commission said. In an interview, the claim was quickly rejected by his South Sudanese counterpart, and South Sudan Ambassador Kuol Alor Kuol Arop denied any build-up of forces or plans for an offensive.

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  • MLB players, owners have verbal labor deal

    Now, let's discuss what's new in the CBA. From 2006 to 2016, the luxury tax increased just over 38 percent , despite salaries increasing by approximately 56 percent over the same period, and the MLBPA and Major League Baseball could not agree how much of an increase to the threshold was necessary to balance the disparity.

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  • Breath of the Wild Shows a New Area, More Gameplay

    Breath of the Wild Shows a New Area, More Gameplay

    Nintendo has been pretty mum about "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" since a glimpse of it was shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 (E3 2016), which was held last June 13 to 15 in Los Angeles, California. As a matter of fact, it's quite possible that industry heads such as Microsoft's Xbox boss could chime in to give Nintendo props on Breath of the Wild, as Phil Spencer praised the game and the new console earlier this year.

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  • MI proclaims Trump election victor after vote count

    MI proclaims Trump election victor after vote count

    She must file for a recount by a Wednesday deadline, and she and her party have raised more than enough money to pay the nearly $800,000 required. Neither side has offered proof of mass irregularities that could sway the results of the election, and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whose campaign will participate in Stein's recount push, has already conceded.

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  • Tunisia : Country wins billion-dollar pledges for ailing economy

    Tunisia : Country wins billion-dollar pledges for ailing economy

    Kuwait's Deputy Premier and Finance Minister Anas Al-Saleh said Monday Kuwait was keen on boosting its investment in Tunisia to improve economic growth in the north African nation. The project would create almost 1,000 jobs in its first phase, he said, and showed that Tunisia was still "an attractive and competitive site for investors".

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  • VERDICT WATCH: Murder Trial of Fmr Officer Michael Slager

    DuRant went through the video step-by-step, asking Slager questions along the way about the encounter with Scott. He was sacked from the force after the shooting, according to The Associated Press. "Yet they have evidence that Slager was tased, they didn't tell you that". She said that the defense calling Scott "armed and dangerous" was based on a 1991 conviction.

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  • Turkey Has Not Given up on EU but Eyeing Alternatives

    Turkey Has Not Given up on EU but Eyeing Alternatives

    Many supporters of the PKK, who claim they face persecution in Turkey , find asylum in European countries. Initially, Turkey agreed to the deal in exchange for billions of euros in refugee assistance from the European Union, and accelerated talks on becoming a member of the bloc.

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  • Gov. Brown Names US Congressman California Attorney General

    Gov. Brown Names US Congressman California Attorney General

    She was elected last month to succeed retiring Sen. Mr. Becerra has served in House Democratic leadership since 2009, but was term-limited in his current post as chairman. "California right now is ahead of the country when it comes to clean energy, commonsense treatment of immigrants, real health security and so much more", Becerra said.

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  • Iraqi troops south of Mosul face IS attack

    Barely more than a third of the 200,000 displaced that the United Nations had expected in the first few weeks of the Mosul offensive have fled their homes so far. "We were in a big prison for two years". "Some people had stocks of dried goods but food is starting to run out, and we have neither water, nor electricity, nor fuel for heating", said 54-year-old Natiq, who was receiving food aid at a distribution centre in the eastern neighborhood of Khadraa.

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  • Fitbit to Acquire Pebble in $40 Million Deal

    Fitbit to Acquire Pebble in $40 Million Deal

    In all likelihood, the deal might put the Pebble brand to rest and will give Fitbit access to all its assets including IP and software. Pebble laid off a quarter of its workforce earlier this year despite rolling out a new version of their smartwatch, and FitBit isn't faring much better with a stock price hovering close to $8, or 60 percent lower than their IPO price.

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