• Iraqi Forces Push Into Town South of Mosul

    Joseph Votel, told Agence France Presse . Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and it is the last major city held by ISIS. Iranian forces are advising the fighters and Iraqi aircraft are providing airstrikes, he said . An officer told a Reuters correspondent on the southern front that most of the Islamic State insurgents appeared to have pulled back north towards Mosul , leaving just a small number to try to slow the advancing security forces.

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  • Aleppo air strikes halted for 48 hours

    Monday's air strikes killed 14 civilians in Aleppo's rebel-held district of Marjeh, including at least 12 members of the same family, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The UN and the European Union welcomed Tuesday's announcement by Russian Federation, but said the planned pause in fighting - set to take place on Thursday - needed to be longer to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid.

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  • Supreme Court Will Hear Case On Bathroom Rules For Transgender Students

    The justices will consider a Virginia school district's challenge to Obama administration guidelines requiring that schools allow transgender students to use restrooms matching their chosen gender, rather than birth gender. The Supreme Court has not directly ruled on transgender rights before. Troy Andersen, chairmen of the Gloucester County School Board, said in a statement that the board is "grateful that the Supreme Court has granted the School Board's petition in this hard case".

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  • Iraqi Shi'ite militias say offensive toward Tal Afar started

    The coalition of militias, known as the Popular Mobilisation Units, had not played a heavy part in the fighting but the offensive on Saturday indicates a bigger role than many observers had anticipated. Numerous militias were originally formed after the 2003 US-led invasion to battle American forces and Sunni insurgents. Iraqi, Kurdish and allied forces, backed by USA air power, have advanced in their push to retake Mosul, IS's de facto capital in Iraq.

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  • Broncos assistant Phillips taken to hospital

    Yes, the Broncos running game finally started to come back around after disappointing games against both San Diego and Atlanta, rushing for 190 team yards in a win over Houston. He lifted his index finger in a "number 1" sign as he was driven off. Reggie Herring is now calling plays for the Broncos. Phillips has coached in the National Football League since 1976 and returned to the Broncos as defensive coordinator in 2015, his second stint with the team.

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  • Erdogan warns Shiite militias on Tel Afar

    The militias say they will not enter the city itself. But Tal Afar, where the militias are now focused, is itself a risky flash point, analysts have said. Some were later recruited into Shiite militias. On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan assured that Turkey "would not look favourably" on an attack by the militia groups on Tal Afar.

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  • Australia Seeks Lifetime Ban on Boat People

    Australia Seeks Lifetime Ban on Boat People

    Australia has shut the door to asylum seekers arriving in the country by boat, banning them for life from settling in the country. Australia's government has copped heavy criticism Sunday for seeking to give life bans to all asylum seekers , even genuine refugees, who are now being held offshore.

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  • Samsung puts Note 7 fiasco behind to focus on S8

    Samsung puts Note 7 fiasco behind to focus on S8

    Samsung faces some "short-term challenges" but nothing that will "darken its long-term prospects" following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, according to analyst IDC . The phone comes with normal bezels and having a LED flash on the top beside the front camera. There's very little the Korean manufacturer can do on the Galaxy S8 to compensate for earlier explosions.

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  • Off his message again: Trump vows to sue all female accusers

    Off his message again: Trump vows to sue all female accusers

    Trump has denied that all the other allegations, while insisting some of the women weren't attractive enough for him to want to pursue. But Clinton is well aware that no Republican has ever won the White House without winning OH, and she returns to the Buckeye State in a bid to halt Trump in his tracks.

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  • Monster Hunter XX Announced For Japan, Launches March 18 2017

    Monster Hunter XX Announced For Japan, Launches March 18 2017

    In addition to hunters getting two new hunting styles, the felyne Prowlers will gain the ability to use both Aerial and Adept hunting styles in battle, making Prowlers even more versatile in battle. The game will also sport another feature that is now hidden under question marks, but will be a new style. XX will also offer new fields like Igun Peak, and a new desert location that will test hunters' skills.

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  • Chelsea Clinton stops in Grove City to campaign for her mom

    Chelsea Clinton stops in Grove City to campaign for her mom

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is campaigning in Kinston today. You know, I'm basically your standard redneck. "But answers are better than anger, and empowerment is better than resentment'". The Congressional Black Caucus is expected to join Beatty after the rally during meetings with minority small-business owners in Columbus and members of central Ohio's Somali population.

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  • Chinese company recalls webcams used in massive Internet attack

    A Chinese security camera maker said its products were used to launch a cyber-attack that severed internet access for millions of users, highlighting the threat posed by the global proliferation of connected devices. Krebs' company was itself affected by a similar attack in September, one of the biggest ever known. In a statement released Saturday, Dyn called Friday's incident "a sophisticated, highly distributed attack involving tens of millions of IP addresses ".

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  • Wisconsin student charged with assaulting 3 more women

    Cook is now suspended from the university, but he denies the allegations. The complaint prosecutors filed on Thursday accused Cook of assaults dating back to March 2015. Police described the notebooks as lists of women they believed were either past or planned victims of Cook's, along with notations about the acts Cook wished to perform against them.

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  • Oil pipeline protesters burn vehicles, set roadblock

    Morton County sheriff's spokeswoman Donnell Hushka said 141 people were arrested Thursday. Thursday's almost six-hour operation dramatically escalated the dispute over Native American rights and the project's environmental impact , with officers in riot gear firing bean bags and pepper spray .

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  • Sony Unveils New PS4 Pro Controllers

    Sony Unveils New PS4 Pro Controllers

    Pricing details for both controllers are unannounced at this time. "To give our competitive and pro players more choice, we invited Razer and Nacon to use their knowledge and expertise in developing eSports peripherals to design two unique pro controllers for PS4", Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe's Andrew Mason said as quoted by Play Station Lifestyle .

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  • Jaguars Owner Says He Will Not Fire Head Coach Gus Bradley

    But he said the coach wasn't the person committing penalties, turning the ball over or not making plays. Bradley said after the team's loss he's not anxious about his job. He's been reluctant to make a change at the top of the Jaguars, saying in London past year when the Jaguars were plummeting, "It really hasn't crossed my mind".

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  • President Barack Obama Visits "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

    Later, detailing the responsibilities of his job, Obama declared: "I don't tweet at 3 a.m. about people who insult me". Kimmel also asked the outgoing commander-in-chief if he ever wished he ran against Trump. Obama saved the final " mean tweet " for the last laugh. The segment ends with one of Trump's normal tweets and ripping on the president, as he tweeted "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!" We don't know how many ...

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  • Hillary Clinton wants Jose Biden as Secretary of State

    Hillary Clinton wants Jose Biden as Secretary of State

    It thus may not have been entirely accidental that news of his being potentially tapped for arguably the most important post in a putative Clinton cabinet is leaking out now. "I've let the candidate know". "I think then when faced with this problem I think instead of just cutting and dealing with it immediately there's always an inclination of overthinking it", he said.

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  • Turkey vows to press Syria offensive despite warning from pro-Assad forces

    Turkey vows to press Syria offensive despite warning from pro-Assad forces

    The SDF was formed by YPG, which is the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which is listed as a terror group to Turkey, EU and the U.S. A helicopter believed to belong to Syrian government forces dropped barrel bombs in a deadly attack on Turkey-backed opposition forces in the border area, according to Turkish officials and reports.

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  • Russia's Putin says cyber attacks are unacceptable

    While Abe has shown great interest in resolving the dispute ahead of the summit, Putin, according to Japan Times said that he "cannot" say when and how the territorial dispute will be resolved. Putin said he doesn't have a favorite because "we do not know how any candidate would act". "He represents part of United States society that's exhausted of having the elite in power for decades", Putin said .

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  • Turn your clocks back, daylight saving time ends tonight

    Turn your clocks back, daylight saving time ends tonight

    Such rules are not without controversy, however, as many see the move as archaic and largely unnecessary. The final Sunday of October - traditionally when the clocks go back - is the time of year when shoppers splurge on alcohol and winter clothes to get them through to spring, according to a new study.

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  • Spain's conservatives to re-take power in end to crisis

    Spain's conservatives to re-take power in end to crisis

    Mr Rajoy needed to win a simple majority in parliament to cement his return to power. The country's third political force is the anti-austerity coalition "Unidos Podemos" (United We Can), lead by the left-wing politician Pablo Iglesias, a political group that is an alternative for Spaniards who are exhausted of two-party system that has been characterized by austerity policies.

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  • Oklahoma manhunt: Tips pour in

    Oklahoma manhunt: Tips pour in

    Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsels says there's no information that shows Michael Vance is in or out of the state. Calling him an armed, stone-cold killer, agencies are checking every tip in the hunt for suspect Michael Vance. Local authorities are also providing protection to those on the hit list during the manhunt, the family members said. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said Vance fled in a patrol vehicle.

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  • Trudeau awaiting European Union invite to sign trade deal

    Trudeau awaiting European Union invite to sign trade deal

    Belgian political leaders have reached a consensus in support of the Ceta trade deal between the European Union and Canada, Prime Minister Charles Michel has said. A final obstacle was removed Friday when Wallonia officially voted to withdraw their opposition to the deal. But its parliament voted overwhelmingly to allow the Belgian national government to support the pact.

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  • Sony Announces PS Vue for Android TV

    Sony Announces PS Vue for Android TV

    What that means for those considering ditching their cable or satellite TV subscriptions, is that there's now more ways to access PlayStation Vue without the need for a PlayStation console. AT&T intends to debut DirecTV Now in November with a price tag of $35 for 100 channels. Sony is now offering a free seven-day trial of PlayStation Vue to new customers.

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  • New Jersey 'Bridgegate' judge delays closing arguments

    New Jersey 'Bridgegate' judge delays closing arguments

    Wildstein, who pleaded guilty a year ago, testified earlier in the trial that both defendants actively participated in the scheme to retaliate against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, a Democrat whose endorsement was sought unsuccessfully by Christie's office in 2013.

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  • Police Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

    Police Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween

    But safety should always be on everyone's minds. One final tip from police? Make sure to look in all directions when crossing the street. Walk on sidewalks and not in middle of the street. Pedestrians should only cross streets at designated crosswalks and make extra efforts to ensure it is safe to cross. Swords, knives, and other costume accessories should be short, soft, and flexible.

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  • Stocks sag as bond 'bloodbath' shows no let up

    Stocks sag as bond 'bloodbath' shows no let up

    Treasury above 1.8 per cent. Yields, which move inverse to bond prices, could retest the two per cent mark say analysts - a level they haven't seen since March. Global bonds yields continued to rise and bonds selloff deepened as investors are expecting Central banks' simulation come to an end. The Bank of Japan in September had made a change of tack and now tries to control the yield curve rather than rely on adjusting the pace of its money printing.

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  • Syrian Rebels Launch Offensive to Break Siege of Aleppo

    Syrian Rebels Launch Offensive to Break Siege of Aleppo

    The rebels also targeted government positions east of Aleppo city and in the coastal province of Latakia, including the Hmeimim military base that is used by Russian forces allied with the regime. Two main assaults have been launched on regime-held al-Zahra, in West Aleppo and Minya, close to a small corridor of land held in al-Ramousa, which surrounds rebel-held East Aleppo.

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  • Google Teams With Netflix for 'Stranger Things' Scavenger Hunt

    Google Teams With Netflix for 'Stranger Things' Scavenger Hunt

    By contrast competitors such as Snapchat can boast more than 100 million regular users. Google's chat app for android Allo received a major update recently. Google announced the new Allo application back in Google I/O this year and soon after that the application went live for people to download from the Google Play store .

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  • Supreme Court of India criticises Central government over appointment of judges

    A 3-member Bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur told Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi that the government had no right to sit over the proposals indefinitely awaiting a fresh MoP. Telling Rohatgi that he was the leader of the bar, Chief Justice Thakur said, "We expect some more positive and constructive role from you". The court fixed the matter for further hearing on 11 November.

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  • Biden on Clinton's shortlist for secretary of state

    Biden on Clinton's shortlist for secretary of state

    Biden would still likely be seen as a strong choice for Secretary of State, however, as he spent several years as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before becoming Vice President. "I have no intention of staying involved. She thought it was, 'This is okay to do.'" Clinton has said she set up her private server for the sake of convenience, but she has since acknowledged that it was a mistake and that she would use the government system if she had to do it over again.

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  • Pa. lawmakers approve ban on identifying officers in shootings

    Pa. lawmakers approve ban on identifying officers in shootings

    The bill passed the House past year, but the Senate made changes to it, meaning it must go back to the House. The legislature's two-year session ends next month, and Thursday may likely be the last voting day of the session. The bills would limit the opioid quantities prescribed to emergency room patients to seven days and limit the opioid quantities prescribed for minors to seven days.

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  • VW unveils Atlas, a large crossover tailored for the American family

    VW unveils Atlas, a large crossover tailored for the American family

    The production version of the Atlas, pictured here for the first time, features a more brawny and distinctive appearance than any existing Volkswagen model as part of its brief to attract United States auto buyers. Either engine routes power through an eight-speed transmission. From a packaging standpoint, there will be four different trim levels available - but final decisions on which amenities will slot into which level have yet to be made.

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