• What Clinton and Trump are saying after the most-watched debate ever

    He explained that he didn't want to bring up Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky "with Chelsea in the room", and that he was "very happy" he was "able to hold back on the indiscretions", People reports . "He needs to take this debate and learn from his mistakes", she said. I'll tell you we're in such a rigged system. On whether Trump was sufficiently prepared for the contest - some pundits suggested he wasn't - Schepisi replied, "I think in the beginning he appeared to be more ...

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  • Robertson frustrated but excited for Slovakia

    Robertson frustrated but excited for Slovakia

    Strachan has injury concerns over skipper Darren Fletcher and defenders Russell Martin and Callum Paterson ahead of today's flight to Bratislava. Strachan added: "I think I've always said before that the difference between the last tournament we played in could be getting a big result away from home".

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  • India in No Mood to Offer any Respite to Pakistan

    A big hoarding at the BJP office in Lucknow , featuring the PM and the Defence Minister, "salutes" the army "for carrying out surgical strikes targeting terror camps" across the Line of Control in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. "If the Modi government has a modicum of national interest in mind, it will desist from sabre-rattling vis-à-vis Pakistan and bend its energies towards strengthening the border security apparatus to counter cross-border terrorism".

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  • 1 killed, 8 wounded in gunfire at party in Michigan

    1 killed, 8 wounded in gunfire at party in Michigan

    The authorities have not released any details about the victims or any possible suspects. Eight other victims were taken to various hospitals where they were treated for gunshot wounds, police said. No arrests have been made and police Sgt. Terry Dixon says investigators are still trying to determine what led to the gunfire. The investigation is continuing.

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  • NJ lawmakers approve gas tax hike

    At the same time, New Jersey will trim its sales tax, increase breaks for retirees and the working poor and eventually eliminate its estate tax. The gas tax increase cleared the Senate by a vote of 24-14. "New Jersey is one of only two states with both an inheritance tax and an estate tax, which drives capital, income and jobs out of New Jersey", added Oroho.

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  • United Nations chief slams deadly attack on funeral ceremony in Yemen

    The attack also wounded more than 525 people, according to the United Nations. They were attending a wake for the father of the administration's interior minister, Jalal al-Roweishan. The incident has prompted the United States to initiate an immediate review of its already reduced support for the Saudi-led coalition, White House national security council spokesman Ned Price said.

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  • John and Cindy McCain applaud the arrest of CEO

    John and Cindy McCain applaud the arrest of CEO

    Ferrer was arrested Thursday and his Dallas headquarters was raided after officials in California accused him of felony pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping . The affidavit also says Ferrer "is regularly copied on the hundreds of law enforcement subpoenas and requests that receives each year related to prostitution and sex trafficking of both adults and minors on the website".

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  • Trump & Ryan to Campaign Together

    Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker will also be in attendance. Since endorsing Trump for president in June, Ryan has balked at the onslaught of media questions about the Republican nominee's behavior. But Ryan, who is widely believed to have future presidential ambitions, has not appeared in public with the nominee. Trump's advisers have bent some of their policies to fit Ryan's desire for the US economy.

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  • Sends rescue task force to Florida for Hurricane Matthew

    Sends rescue task force to Florida for Hurricane Matthew

    Most recently, the team responded to SC after Hurricane Joaquin caused record flooding and widespread destruction in 2015. PECO had been slated to send more than workers and contractors to help fix hurricane-related damage, but said Friday morning that the crews were on standby.

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    During today's Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel at New York Comic Con, DC Comics revealed that Adam West's Batman will be meeting Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman in a new digital-first comic book limited series. We're going to see how she becomes Wonder Woman . "As if-what-you're paranoid Wonder Woman might not date you?" tweeted Mike Drucker, a television comedy writer.

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  • Hong Kong Activist Is Barred From Entering Thailand, Reportedly At China's Request

    Hong Kong Activist Is Barred From Entering Thailand, Reportedly At China's Request

    He was due to give a talk at Chulalongkorn University about lessons from Hong Kong's "Umbrella Movement" protests as part of October 6 commemorations of a Thai government crackdown on student demonstrators 40 years ago. "China respects Thailand's [right to] exercise immigration control according to the law", an official at the embassy told The Nation . "I think China is doing everything they can to stop Hong Kong's democratic voices to spread to foreign civil societies", Agnes Chow, ...

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  • Fernandez-signed balls found on beach

    Fernandez-signed balls found on beach

    Director of Operations Darren Caprara said Monday that 27-year-old Emilio Macias and 25-year-old Eduardo Rivero died when the 32-foot boat slammed into a jetty off Miami Beach. The wildlife commission is investigating. The resolution notes that the 24-year-old Fernandez was jailed in Cuba after unsuccessful escape attempts and once saved his mother from drowning after she fell from a boat.

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  • Fire safety regulations differ for businesses

    Fire safety regulations differ for businesses

    This year's theme for Fire Prevention Week is "Don't Wait, Check the Date" and refers to the shelf life of smoke alarms . I encourage you to take time this week to check the date of your smoke alarms and replace them if they are older than 10 years.

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  • Los Angeles chief defends latest shootings by officers

    He was one of two men killed by police in separate incidents in South L.A. over the weekend. Local activists said Beck's decision shows the department can release footage quickly without impacting an investigation and undercuts the agency's routine refusal to release video in connection with controversial uses of force.

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  • Alabama Power to send crews to Georgia to help restore power

    Alabama Power to send crews to Georgia to help restore power

    Gould says outages could have been more widespread and wait times, longer, if FPL hadn't invested $2 billion in infrastructure improvements since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Crews have been dispatched to various parts of Indian River County and are working around the clock to fix down power lines, but the company says that damage has been minimal.

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  • Prepare for more remixes on Spotify and Apple Music

    Prepare for more remixes on Spotify and Apple Music

    SoundCloud can still offer remixes, but music fans will have less of an incentive to use the service since they're likely already Apple Music or Spotify subscribers. The fact that unofficial content is now going live on Spotify and Apple Music could reduce the acquisition potential for SoundCloud, which the Financial Times says is in late-stage negotiations to be bought by Spotify .

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  • Redskins thrive in red zone, force turnovers to beat Browns

    So I think I really scout me before [and] look at how I'm used . But turnovers on three consecutive second-half possessions cost Cleveland a chance at its first victory of the season. With nine Sunday, Reed has 207 career receptions. Still, it's hard to blame Browns fans for feeling like they got the raw end of the deal again. On the offense, Cleveland is averaging 18.0 points and 368.3 yards per game.

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  • Trump caught on video making lewd, crude remarks about women

    Trump caught on video making lewd, crude remarks about women

    On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post and NBC News released a 2005 video in which Trump describes trying to have sex with a married woman. "In fact, I see married women are way up right now in my polls". Trump issued an apology after the video emerged of him making sexually charged comments. "I just start kissing them", he said . "Grab them by the p****".

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  • Alberta won't support Ottawa's climate change plans without a pipeline: Notley

    Some of what was said Monday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's surprise announcement that the federal government will impose a floor price on carbon, starting at $10 per tonne in 2018 and rising to $50 per tonne in 2022. NDP MP Linda Duncan said the Liberals' price on carbon is "so low it can't possibly reduce green house gases". Shell Canada's president Michael Crothers, meanwhile, said that "balancing Canadian economic development while protecting the environment will be enabled by ...

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  • If a clown threatens you, call the police

    The Roselle Park Police Department's warning comes after the New Haven Public School District made a decision to ban students from wearing clown costumes along with other "symbols of terror". He backed up his report with a picture posted on his own Facebook page of the reported clown running away. The hysteria over creepy clown threats spreading across the country is overblown - and the writer behind one of the scariest clowns ever wants people to remember clowns aren't all bad.

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  • Charlotte Police Release 911 Calls & Radio Traffic From Keith Scott Shooting

    Charlotte Police Release 911 Calls & Radio Traffic From Keith Scott Shooting

    In the days following, protests took place in the Queen City, with two nights turning into riots. The ACLU also called on Roberts to release all the videos, but agreed with the mayor's call to repeal H.B. The man killed by police in a confrontation that sparked a deadly protest in North Carolina did own a gun and once threatened to kill his family, according to his wife.

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  • UKIP launching inquiry after lawmaker is injured

    Mr Woolfe collapsed about two hours after the incident and lost consciousness outside the European Union legislature's chamber after taking part in votes. He said: "Mike came at me and landed a blow". I am sitting up, and said to be looking well. He said he made a decision to remain with UKIP because working-class people "need to have a voice against the elites".

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  • Hundreds Line Up in Delaware County to See Hillary Clinton

    Hundreds Line Up in Delaware County to See Hillary Clinton

    Clinton did say that a positive body image should be a healthy one. From making young minority children fear for their freedom to making young girls of all races question their worth, we need not wonder how damaging a Trump presidency would be, because we already see his mere national spotlight harming Americans all over.

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  • New Jersey Lawmakers Approve 23-Cent Gas Tax Hike

    It's part of a deal that cuts the sales tax slightly, ends the estate tax and offers tax breaks for the working poor and veterans . The bill passed 44-27 in the Assembly and 24-14 in the Senate. Sen. Paul Sarlo, DWood-Ridge, one of the primary authors of the gas tax package, defended it. It would phase out New Jersey's estate tax, changing the threshold from $675,000 to $2 million in 2017 and eliminating it completely in 2018.

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  • Here's how much money Snapchat might really be worth

    Here's how much money Snapchat might really be worth

    The social media site known for its disappearing texts and photos could fetch a market value of at least $US25 billion ($33 billion), The Wall Street Journal reported earlier on Thursday. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. On average, people who use Snapchat spend roughly 10 minutes a day with the app, according to a Cantor Fitzgerald analysis, compared with Instagram's 6.4 minutes.

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  • Polish lawmakers overwhelmingly reject total ban on abortion

    Under the would-be law, women who receive abortions and physicians who perform them would be subject to five years in prison - regardless of the reasons for the pregnancy termination. 5) the European Parliament will meet to discuss women's rights in Poland . The Polish government has backed down on the ban, following the protest .

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  • Nobel Peace Prize for Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos

    Nobel Peace Prize for Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos

    The leader of FARC, Rodrigo Londoño, who negotiated the peace deal along with Santos, was among many to congratulate the president after news broke of his win. Londono, better known by his nom de guerre Timochenko, reacted coolly to the award on Twitter by saying "the only prize to which we aspire" is one of social justice for Colombia, without far-right militias, retaliation or lies.

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  • MacBook Pro 2016 Wishlist: Dream Specs

    MacBook Pro 2016 Wishlist: Dream Specs

    Rumors claiming on the change of the launch date for the Mac products stemmed from Apple's reported changing of its quarterly earnings call. On the other hand, there are also reports claiming that Apple has moved the date of the event; from October 24 to October 27.

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  • Peace in Afghanistan important for stability in Pakistan: Sartaj

    South Korea has pledged to provide US$120 million to Afghanistan to help the war-torn country build up its economy and society, the foreign ministry said Thursday. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has urged the Taliban to follow the recent example of an Afghan warlord and strike its own peace deal with the Kabul government.

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  • Supreme Court tightens screws on money matters

    Supreme Court tightens screws on money matters

    ICC chairman Shashank Manohar, Richardson said, had been reluctant to get involved in the matter unless "formally" requested to. India's top court has barred the Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI ) from releasing funds to state associations, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported on Friday.

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  • Daughter of Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani backs Clinton

    Daughter of Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani backs Clinton

    She noted her dad knows about her support and thinks she has a right to her opinion. "Repeat, this is NOT a joke", wrote another. Hillary Clinton's advisers say such an attack would reinforce the image of Trump as a sexist bully and paint Clinton in a sympathetic light - a valuable contrast as Trump struggles to draw support from women.

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  • Clown Arrests in the Portland

    Clown Arrests in the Portland

    EAST HANOVER TWP, Pa- State police say a man wearing a clown mask jumped in front of a vehicle Wednesday night, apparently trying to scare motorists. Police departments have asked residents to knock it off with the clowning around. Other scary and suspicious encounters with people dressed like clowns have been reported to police across the country in recent weeks - some of which have turned out to be hoaxes.

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  • Sunny Tuesday will bring slightly warmer temperatures: Northeast Ohio weather forecast

    Sunny Tuesday will bring slightly warmer temperatures: Northeast Ohio weather forecast

    High temperatures will reach the low to mid 80s with a southerly wind to 12 miles per hour. Meteorologist Mark Larson says we'll be rain and storm-free through the weekend and it'll feel a little like early November Friday afternoon. Wind: N 10-15. High: 64. Lows during this period will be in the low 60s with south winds at 5-10 miles per hour. Normal temperatures for this time of year are highs near 72 degrees and lows near 48 degrees.

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  • Comcast Shackles Customers Nationwide With 1TB Xfinity Data Caps

    Comcast Shackles Customers Nationwide With 1TB Xfinity Data Caps

    For an additional $50 per month, you can get unlimited data at your house - just like you used to have before the change. Now, it appears that Comcast understands that a few people will go over their limits. Northeastern US and Mid-Atlantic region Comcast markets aren't yet being capped thanks to seeing slightly more competition. The cable company has been testing data limits in some markets, mostly in the Southeast, since a year ago.

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