• Did THE WALKING DEAD Just Basically Confirm [SPOILER] Lives?

    Did THE WALKING DEAD Just Basically Confirm [SPOILER] Lives?

    He says it won't be today or tomorrow but that it will happen. After Rick's threats, Negan starts talking about Rick's "right hand man". Then, the moment of truth, sort of. "I'm thinking that we're all gonna die, that's what's going through everyone's head at that point", he explained. Rick being shamed and maimed into losing his hand may or may not qualify as one of those things.

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  • Kim K consoles Blac Chyna for the baby after Rob K disappears

    Kim K consoles Blac Chyna for the baby after Rob K disappears

    Despite the fact that the majority of the Kardashian-Jenner family has been extremely low-key on social media since Kim was held at gunpoint, Rob and Chyna seem to be proceeding with business as usual. "It was like Chyna and her pushing me so I just blocked everybody". Have Rob and Chyna gone too far this time around? "I want you to stay". Of course, there's very little chance that a Blac Chyna robbery would make global headlines the same way Kim's Paris robbery did less than one week ago.

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  • The Girl on the Train steams to top of United States box office

    The connections: flawed women as protagonists, and multiple character perspectives, with " Train " written as a first-person narrative coming from three women. She still is in love with her ex-husband Tom ( Justin Theroux , television's "The Leftovers") and sometimes appears at his home. He's still there, now with Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) and a young child.

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  • Rumours can rest! Shah Rukh Khan's 'Raees' WILL release as scheduled

    Rumours can rest! Shah Rukh Khan's 'Raees' WILL release as scheduled

    The hostility between the arch-rivals Pakistan and India has now literally taken a toll on Bollywood as Indian media reports claiming that Mahira Khan has been dropped from Shahrukh Khan-starrer Raees. However, there has been no official confirmation from the producers of the film. He didn't name anyone in the tweet. The 33-year-old actress' comments came after Pakistani artistes like Fawad Khan and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan condemned the Uri attack.

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  • Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell pregnant with 2nd child

    Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell pregnant with 2nd child

    Her spokesman confirmed that she and husband Christian Horner are expecting a child. While we're extremely happy for Geri, us die hard Spice Girls fans wonder what this means for the 20 anniversary reunion she, Melanie B. Geri and the Formula1 racing team boss have been together since early 2014, and were married in England in May 2015. Geri is already mum to her daughter Bluebell Madonna, 10.

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  • Bratavio leave The X Factor 2016

    Bratavio leave The X Factor 2016

    In the sing-off, they performed Yazz track The Only Way Is Up, while Saara delivered a sensational rendition of Sia's Alive. She even picked up her shocked mentor Sharon - who was celebrating her birthday today. Hours before air time, Brooks Way were sensationally axed from performing following a Sun on Sunday probe that revealed Josh Brooks' abusive relationship with ex Amelia Clarke.

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  • 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' on hold after robbery

    It was the first time Kardashian had been seen since returning to NY after masked robbers held a gun to her head and stole some $10 million worth of jewelry in Paris early Monday morning. "It was a really scary situation for the entire family and it's just not worth it to put themselves out there unnecessarily right now", said a source.

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  • Donald Trump tapes the star of the show on 'Saturday Night Live'

    Donald Trump tapes the star of the show on 'Saturday Night Live'

    After sending the partying staffers away, Kate's Hillary told Cecily, as Brooke, that she found Trump's 2005 comments "incredibly disturbing". Trump was also asked what message he would share with female voters who have been following the story of his misogynistic conversation , which included remarks about groping women.

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  • Clinton gains in new Pennsylvania poll as Trump struggles

    Clinton gains in new Pennsylvania poll as Trump struggles

    Trump supporters outside Goodyear said they're untroubled by the allegations against him because it shows he knows how to navigate a complex tax system. "You work hard, you pay your taxes, but why didn't Donald Trump pay his?" the narrator says. Trump has not said whether he has paid federal income taxes in recent years and has refused to release his tax returns.

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  • Defiant Trump seizes on Clinton sex scandal before debate

    Defiant Trump seizes on Clinton sex scandal before debate

    Trump's own running mate Mike Pence said he could neither condone nor defend his remarks in a 2005 videotape in which he bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women. The Republican presidential nominee apologized for some graphic comments he made over a hot microphone 11 years ago. If Democrats want to frame this as Republicans jumping off the Titanic, at least the awakening happened in time to affect the outcome of the election.

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  • SEC postpones LSU-Florida due to hurricane

    SEC postpones LSU-Florida due to hurricane

    One less game Les Miles has to watch his old team win without him. But as the week rolled on, the game remained on the schedule. Many in the national media will praise Florida and the SEC for choosing safety over football, but it's the fault of those two parties that we are in this mess to begin with.

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  • Enchanted sequel 'Disenchanted' to start filming next year

    Enchanted sequel 'Disenchanted' to start filming next year

    Sadly, their plans are disrupted when his evil queen stepmother (Susan Sarandon) shoves Giselle down a well, which sends her hurtling into the real (live-action) world of New York City. She said: "It's a flawless standalone movie". " Adams is expected to return for the sequel , which Disney is hoping to get before cameras in summer 2017", they revealed.

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  • Lady Gaga plays Nashville 'dive bar'

    Lady Gaga plays Nashville 'dive bar'

    The singer posted the lyrics to the heartfelt ballad on Instagram before her first show to make sure fans would be able to sing along with the brand new song. After the slight disappointment from the initial release of "Perfect Illusion", " Million Reasons " rights the ship effortlessly, and Gaga's vision of Joanne finally takes shape.

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  • Doctor Who: Class Trailer, Christmas Special

    Doctor Who: Class Trailer, Christmas Special "Superhero" Revealed at NYCC

    Today, the first look at the Christmas episode titled "The Return of Doctor Mysterio", has been unveiled, and we get a glimpse at the masked superhero who is set to star in the episode. Doctor Who took the better part of 2016 off, though it did introduce Pearl Mackie as the Doctor's new companion, Bill. I get the feeling that Moffat would just prefer there never be any trailers for anything and instead just a still frame of star Peter Capaldi giving the two-fingered salute with the words ...

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  • Mortgage broker fired by Lord Sugar

    Mortgage broker fired by Lord Sugar

    SHE was the first to be fired by Lord Sugar , but Oxfordshire businesswoman Michelle Niziol says she can hold her head high from her time as a contestant on The Apprentice . So, the task - to sell antiques to traders, as well as selling to the general public. Going home first can't be easy. She added: "I joined because I absolutely love business and run three businesses myself".

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  • HBO Releases Two New Westworld Videos

    HBO Releases Two New Westworld Videos

    However, in a vein similar to Humans, sometimes these robots, or "hosts", begin to malfunction and mine memories that shouldn't be there, causing rifts in this virtual world. The first episode can be seen in the United Kingdom at 9pm on Tuesday, airing on Sky Atlantic. Founded by the obviously brilliant and seemingly paternalistic Dr.

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  • Because we all love to pay more in taxes

    The documents a NYT journalist received in her mailbox gave insight on why GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has been so hesitant to reveal his tax returns . Terry Madonna, the poll's director. The Trump camp hasn't admitted that the candidate avoided paying taxes for 18 years, nor has it denied it. The newspaper called to attention the first two numbers of the loss of "-915,729,293", which looked different than the rest.

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  • Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump over comments on women

    But the Republican tycoon declared on Monday it showed he had "brilliantly" navigated the complex tax code. He offered that version of events to explain a New York Times story over the weekend that the candidate reported $916 million in business losses on his 1995 income tax returns, a figure so large that he may not have legally been required to pay income taxes for two decades.

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  • World's First Three-Parent Baby Born

    In the 1990s, fertility doctors tried to boost the quality of women's eggs by injecting cytoplasm, the cellular material that contains mitochondria , from healthy donor eggs. This egg - which now contained DNA from the Jordanian mother, along with mitochondrial DNA from the female egg donor - was then fertilized using the father's sperm.

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  • Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston

    Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston "Has Lived Through a Lot of Bullshit"

    She has lived through a lot of bulls**t. "Truly, in that sense, she's fantastic". He told the November issue of Men's Health magazine, "I was very proud of what she wrote". While Justin doesn't specifically talk about the Brangelina hoopla this time - he already did that here - he's no stranger to having their relationship in the spotlight.

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  • Brad Pitt skips film premiere to focus on 'family situation'

    Pitt wanted to resolve his issues with Jolie "amicably and privately ", according to the source , adding that he had become frustrated by the "smear campaign" being lodged against him. " Brad Pitt voluntary took a drug test and was not asked to do so by authorities, "a source told ET Online ". Pitt narrates the new Terrence Malick-directed documentary Voyage of Time , and was due to appear in NY on Wednesday to promote the film, but cancelled all commitments in the wake of his shock ...

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  • Brad Pitt allegations relate to treatment of son

    Brad Pitt allegations relate to treatment of son

    The news comes only hours after it was revealed that Brad is reportedly being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation over claims he verbally and physically abused one of his children whilst drunk on a private jet. A formal DCFS ( Department of Children and Family Services) investigation is standard practice when reports like this are made to authorities. "An incident took place and prompted Angelina to act and file", a source said earlier.

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  • 'Birth of a Nation' launches voter registration initiative

    'Birth of a Nation' launches voter registration initiative

    Whether through strengthening mechanisms that allow more people to vote - such as online registration - or going door-to-door to register voters in our communities, we must make registering to vote easier. National Voter Registration Day was launched in 2012 to remind and encourage people to register to vote. Chicago Board of Election Commissioners spokesman Jim Allen said rules have already been posted and materials printed for November 8.

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  • The 5 most incredible things about Britney Spears being on Loose Women

    The 5 most incredible things about Britney Spears being on Loose Women

    And her three options: Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell and Madonna. Spears judged the British reality TV music competition, "The X-Factor" with the 56-year-old critic and her infamous makeout with the 'Queen of pop at the VMAs in 2003. "It took me two years to make this and it's just been an awesome ride". The pop star has been an open book about her dating life recently, dishing more on the subject to Lorraine Kelly on Britain's ITV just last week.

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  • Plane evacuated after smoke from Samsung device

    The Galaxy Note 7 batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion. A total of 75 passengers and crew were evacuated from the flight, and no one was injured, said airport authority spokeswoman Natalie Chaudoin. After the consumer product commission announced the recall, the FAA and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration - which jointly regulate potentially risky items on airlines - acted to ensure the phones don't endanger aircraft.

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  • All 8 Harry Potter movies returning to theaters

    To date, the last six Harry Potter films have collectively grossed approximately $216 million in IMAX theaters worldwide, according to Warner Bros. "Therefore, being able to offer each installment- especially the initial two for the very first time in IMAX- makes this a truly magical event for fans".

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  • Brad Ausmus returning as Detroit Tigers' manager in 2017

    Brad Ausmus returning as Detroit Tigers' manager in 2017

    The Tigers have a 250-234 record in three seasons under Ausmus, finishing first, last and second. Ausmus, who spent 18 seasons as a catcher at the major league level and made eight postseason appearances as a player, was named the 37th manager in Tigers history on November 3, 2013.

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  • Trump rants hit at Alicia Machado supposed 'sex tape'

    Trump rants hit at Alicia Machado supposed 'sex tape'

    Even some Trump supporters are worrying that their candidate's latest outburst could further hurt him among female voters. By 5:30 a.m., the outburst had devolved into accusations that Machado had a sex tape; and that Clinton helped her gain US citizenship for the Democratic nominee's own benefit.

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  • Parker hints at third 'Sex and the City' film

    Parker hints at third 'Sex and the City' film

    According to The New York Times , "she will help find, edit, and publish three to four new novels a year". She said that she is fascinated with imperfect marriages. " Divorce " will follow the process of a divorce when Frances does some soul searching and realizes she wants a fresh start. Watch the series premiere of " Divorce " on Sunday, Oct.

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  • How Dhoni's cricket footage was recreated with Sushant

    How Dhoni's cricket footage was recreated with Sushant

    Meanwhile, the Neeraj Pandey film has managed to rake in Rs 82.03 crore at the box office so far. While MS Dhoni: The Untold Story shows Dhoni's sister Jayanti (played by Bhumika Chawla) playing an important part in Dhoni's life, his brother Narendra is curiously missing from the story.

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  • Daniel Bryan says he had 'mental breakdown' while filming Total Bellas

    Daniel Bryan says he had 'mental breakdown' while filming Total Bellas

    It has been one of the focal points of Total Bellas and one of the reasons for Brie's retirement earlier this year. While rehabilitating an injury, Nikki Bella is determined to learn an entirely new style of performing in order to make a comeback and, against her sister Brie's wishes, she asks her recently retired brother-in-law Daniel Bryan (R) to coach her.

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  • Michael Moore: Trump 'Won' The First Presidential Debate

    During the debate Trump said he had planned "to say something extremely rough to Hillary, to her family, and I said to myself, 'I can't do it". Clinton tops Trump in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina , Pennsylvania and Virginia in the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) surveys out Thursday.

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  • Period of elevated quake risk on San Andreas Fault is over

    Period of elevated quake risk on San Andreas Fault is over

    The update Tuesday by the Governor's Office of Emergency Services came a week after a series of small jolts under the Salton Sea in Southern California near the 800-mile-long fault. "The amount of energy that's released by tiny earthquakes is just minuscule in terms of the total energy budget for earthquakes", Page said . "They are popular.

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  • The Walking Dead: An Unexpected Ending, Kirkman Ponders On Comic's Ending

    Apparently, a post by "The Walking Dead" fan page, "The Spoiling Dead", has revealed that though the seventh season of the series is slated to premiere during the later part of October, the AMC series has continued filming since May. This is nothing short of great news for fans of both mediums who strongly dislike spoilers. However, she ended up being the love interest of Rick Grimmes in the show.

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  • Hillary Clinton campaign trolls Trump with 3 am tweetstorm of its own

    Eventually, Giuliani said: "That was a sarcastic remark pointing out that Bill Clinton has, you know, quite a past, and Hillary Clinton has done quite a job on attacking the people who were victims of Bill Clinton". "We should lift each other up, not tear each other down". Clinton later asked supporters at a Florida rally. During Monday's opening debate, the NY billionaire said African-American voters are "living in hell".

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  • Spider-Man: Homecoming has wrapped filming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming has wrapped filming

    Though the footage has yet to make its way online, fans and journalists who attended the panel reported that it was mainly set in high school and had a tone reminiscent of classic John Hughes movies like Weird Science and Pretty In Pink .

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