NDP, Greens vote against their political goals in favour of defeating Liberals

Liberal house leader and Finance Minister Mike de Jong sent a letter to Speaker Steve Thomson on Tuesday morning, requesting clarity on how a future Speaker might break tie votes in the house and manage other procedural problems stemming from a minority parliament.

The New Democrats and Greens have an agreement to combine their seats total to out vote the Liberals on matters of confidence, which includes the throne speech.

Horgan had said he would make a motion of non-confidence on the throne speech Monday, but after the NDP and Greens defeated proposed BC Liberal legislation to ban corporate and union donations and to grant the Greens official party status, the non-confidence vote is expected tomorrow (Thursday).

The BC Liberal government is poised to introduce legislation this week on campaign finance reform, a step toward shedding British Columbia's "wild west" reputation for no-holds-barred political fundraising that would finally bring it in line with other jurisdictions.

The good news is it doesn't really matter now which party you vote for in the next B.C. election, which may arrive sooner than you think.

Attorney General Andrew Wilkinson said he was disappointed the opposition parties voted against government bills that all three parties now support, including banning corporate and union money from party financing and capping individual donations at $2,500.

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Shortly after leaving its base for the race course Friday, SoftBank Team Japan hit something hard enough to jostle the crew. The New Zealanders dominated the race, winning by 56 seconds.

The next day, she reiterated the point, and told PAN that while her party's issues may be similar to those raised by the opposition, "the approaches that we're taking are quite different".

On his way into the House, Green Leader Andrew Weaver explained why his party would vote the bills down, sight unseen.

"The road to stability is not to defeat the throne speech and risk an election", she said. A $10 daycare spot for every tot will take a decade to build and staff. Welfare ratescan be increased by only $100 a month, such a modest sum that even the B.C. Liberals now approve. The message, a lovely parting gift if you will, that Christy Clark and her team want to leave voters with is that the NDP and Greens are more interested in power than policy.

"I think members deserve to know, not from me but from a more authoritative source, what the rules are", he said.

Instead, Clark will self-centeredly demolish the legacy of ex-premier Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal government of the past 16 years, leaving the party looking desperate, unprincipled and adrift.

From a purely strategic perspective, I think the NDP-Green alliance has been very well put together, giving the Greens a modicum of independence while potentially allowing the NDP to govern for a decent length of time. Rather, it is a tactical measure introduced as the government prepares to face a vote of confidence it is expected to lose. "If we look at the government's action this is just a last ditch effort to hold on to power".

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