Canadian duo behind Wonder Woman comics buoyed by film's box office success

For the second week in a row, "Wonder Woman" has the US box office all tied up.

Q: Would you be interested in a bigger role in the DCEU than director?

The first film in the "Dark Universe" series was cursed with poor word of mouth, scoring 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a B- on CinemaScore, not to mention stiff competition from "Wonder Woman". Q: What inspired the pure heart that "Wonder Woman" has as a film?

Still, the film is on track to earn more than $600 million worldwide, a success that Thompson anticipates will be good for Jenkins' career "and probably for other women directors". We know that she wants to direct Wonder Woman 2, but that project is still a long wait away. Taghmaoui said "I'm really blessed to had a chance to work with these incredible director.!"

The film cleverly uses the World War I setting to distance itself from other superhero films, all too often featuring convoluted plots, high tech weapons and far-fetched villains. Sure, every body is different but you'd think after training for her whole life she'd look less like a Victoria's Secret model and more like a boxing champion. She writes that watching a superhero movie without the lens of the male gaze is "like putting glasses on for the first time".

UK Election: Theresa May toughens stance on terrorism ahead of key election
Two days before the election, Theresa May said she wanted to make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects. One of those they were most concerned about was Butt.

Whilst it is a very action packed film, they do manage to feature some spot on comic relief from Lucy Davis as Etta Candy who provided the more light-hearted moments in the film and could have stolen the show if she had more scenes. The teacher noted just some of the best Wonder Woman related incidents that happened in her class within a week of the film being released. "That's why I let her see it".

Since it launched with over $100 million domestically last weekend, it became clear that Wonder Woman would top the box office in its second weekend and push aside Universal's The Mummy.

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"She's basically telling the guys, 'No, I can do this".

When she discovers Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, Star Trek Beyond) a pilot who has crashed on the island and tells them of the war that's happening in the world, Diana vows to help fight alongside him as well as take down General Ludendorff (Danny Huston, TV's American Horror Story) and Isabel Maru (Elena Anaya) who are creating a deadly gas to be used by the German Army.

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