Snapchat and ABC Team Up for New Show 'Watch Party: The Bachelor'

Then from one bouncy house to another, we see her going to Nick's hotel room to do the deed. That is just so Raven. How he was cast in the first place is anyone's guess, but whoever was responsible deserves a belated Presidential Medal of Freedom. The big prize for the fantasy league is a trip for two to Los Angeles, complete with tickets to the filming of the "After the Final Rose" episode of the next "Bachelorette" (they've probably already filmed this season's wrap-up show). Corinne, free from the ever watchful eye of her nanny, gives Nick a bag of tokens, presumably for a later visit to Chuck E. Cheese's. The 23-year-old also confessed that she'd be Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" if she could be any fictional character, and that she can't live without "my family, my dog, my best friend, my fake eyelashes and whitening strips". When Nick broke up with Jen, I saw how much it weighed on him. But the decision to bring back "fourth time's the charm" Nick Viall was a weird enough one that I chose to check in.

"We're friendly", Viall said after Kimmel asked how often the trio speak to each other.

Dozens killed in gang violence at Brazilian jail
The OAB assisted the inmates with the negotiations and worked to get the 12 hostages taken during the riot released. Brazil's prisons have been criticised by worldwide watchdogs for overcrowding, and violent riots are frequent.

Alexis, 23, became an instant internet favorite after exiting the limo in a shark outfit which she said was a dolphin outfit (she's an aspiring dolphin trainer IRL). My pick for the first impression rose - a 26-year-old model from SC - had a relatively quiet debut before quoting "the great Carrie Bradshaw" in her one-on-one time with Nick, so I knew that pick was doomed. There's plenty of action-packed drama this season and regular viewers can look forward to amusing incidents like Viall getting slapped, Jaimi telling him about her ex-girlfriend, Viall becoming the sixth Backstreet Boy...and, most definitely, a romantic proposal at the end! He doesn't seem that into it but she seems particularly pleased with herself. That was a shark costume. At the moment, her name is either Shark Girl, Left Shark, or Dolphin-Shark (depending on who you follow on Twitter). Then again, let's just sit this one out and let natural selection do its thing. He was like, 'I don't know if I can make it, ' and he couldn't. Sure, you got the first kiss, but at what cost? In her ExploreTalent profile, she says that she's worked on multiple music videos and various ad campaigns. Destiny, my friends. This is basically the exact plot line of the movie Serendipity. Those of us who are so-single-it-hurts might just be at the point where we can appreciate a kindling of new love on reality TV to distract us from the #darkness that is our own love lives. She is smart, pretty, old enough to vote and her dress does not appear to have been purchased at a Forever 21. Someone apparently leaks the backstory of Liz's escapades with Nick, and she's in trouble. Seven points will be earned when a contestant gives the bachelor a gift and seven more when they go on a helicopter ride.

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