New Nintendo Switch Details Surface, No Removable Battery

It looks like we finally have some confirmed details on the Nintendo Switch, no thanks to Nintendo. While we don't get an actual read-out of capacity in milliampere hours nor estimates for how many hours it may last, we do learn something else.

Additionally, if the Switch's battery life isn't up to scratch to begin with and players want to carry multiple batteries with them on the go, switching them out when one runs out of power, this will not be possible either. They took note of it and said that the battery is built-in in the EUT, thus restricting the user from removing the battery.

Nintendo formally announced the Switch a few months ago, and the reveal was nearly everything the rumors had suggested. Once released, Bayonetta 2 and the original game received huge support on the system because of its highly-refined action combat system, gorgeous visual design and stellar soundtrack - each of which make it a title worthy of holding a spot on the Switch's Virtual Console.

In contrast to the 2.4 GHz frequency, the 5 GHz band has less risk of picking up interference from other electronics and handles over 20 different "channels", meaning there is less chance for congestion from competing Wi-Fi networks.

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Nintendo dealt with a similar problem in its Wii U Gamepad, which had been criticized for not lasting long enough on a single charge.

The Console supports Bluetooth connections, although it is unclear how this will be used. This too will offer faster speeds for Switch owners. If one were to play the system at home when it is securely placed in its dock, there's not much to worry about.

The next-gen game device would come with a fixed battery, according to an Engadget report that quotes official FCC filings and certifications, which point at a new console having received approval/certifications believed by Nintendo loyalists to be the Switch.

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